How to Change the Background Color in Notion

You can’t change the background color of a page in Notion, outside of using the Notion Dark Mode feature to dim it, but you can change the background of individual blocks to make sections on the page stand out, like a menu or a to-do list.

Sure, it’s not exactly the level of customization you want, but it’s still a useful tool to have in your toolbox while building your Workspace — especially if you’re looking for a way to make links stand out on a dashboard or information on a text-heavy page.

How to Change the Background Color of a Block in Notion

  1. Hover over the block you want to change the color of, then click on the menu icon that appears to the left (next to the + symbol).
  2. Scroll down to Color, then choose an option from the Background section. You can also change the text color from this menu if you’d rather do that.
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