How to Change Your Noom Coach

Using the Noom Personal Coaching service but aren’t a fan of your Noom Coach? Maybe they aren’t as responsive or forthcoming as you would have hoped, or aren’t well versed in an area you’re looking to learn about? You’ll be pleased to hear you can change your Noom Coach, and it’s takes no more than a few minutes to initiate.

How to Change Your Noom Coach

The first thing you’re going to want to do is fire up Noom. From there, you’ll need to click the menu icon in the to-left corner, then select Help. Next, click the Support icon in the bottom-left corner. Now, enter your name and email address, then choose Coaching Support as the department you wish to speak to.

Finally, type a short message requesting a different Noom Coach. This can be something along the lines of: “Hey! I’m struggling to connect with my current Noom Coach, so I’d like to request a different one.” That’s right — it can be that simple. You should then receive a favorable response within one business day.

Why You Should Consider Changing Your Noom Coach

Because your Noom Coach will only be checking in with you once a week or so, you should try to match with someone who is encouraging. If your Noom Coach isn’t aware of what’s happening and you don’t get the feeling you’re connected, follow the steps above to change your Noom Coach until you find someone you click with.

The important thing to remember here is you aren’t hiring a personal trainer or a nutritionist when you sign up for Noom. While tailored to you in certain ways, it’s still a plan for the masses and each of these coaches is likely working with hundreds of other users, so you’ll need to set realistic expectations.

Having said that, you should be able to lean on your Notion Coach when you have questions about an article, something you’re finding challenging (cutting down a specific type of food, or exercising more) or need some help with the application. They’re a basic source of knowledge and should be a source of encouragement.

Noom Coach FAQ

You’re here to change your Noom Coach, so chances are you have a couple of other questions about how the Noom Personal Coaching service works. We’re here to help answer them, with our Noom Coach FAQ, touching on everything from the amount of human representatives Noom has on hand to what they’re meant to do.

Are Noom Coaches Real or Bots?

Noom Coaches are real people, but it’s likely that some of their outreach is scheduled. After all, we can’t imagine one coach sitting there and manually sending a check-in message to thousands of clients — that bit is probably automated. It’s probable that they only intervene when you respond or send them a message.

How Often Do Noom Coaches Check In?

Your Noom Coach will check in with you at least once a week, usually to find out how you’re getting on, whether you have any questions, etc. so set your expectations accordingly — you aren’t hiring a personal trainer or nutritionist here who will spend an hour with you each day, but they should be motivating you.

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