How to Create a Habit Tracker in Notion

The most difficult hurdle to overcome when forming a new habit is remembering to do it. That’s where Habit Trackers come in. Gone are the days of carrying around a decaying Moleskine, though: You can create a Habit Tracker in Notion to use both on the move and at home. It’s a breeze to make too.

Before we dive into our Notion Habit Tracker template, we should note that we aren’t interested in creating an elaborate experience. Our sole aim is to build a location where we can record each step in the habit-forming process and store any notes we may need to refer back to in the future – simple, but effective.

There isn’t too much to say, really. We’re using a column to outline all of the dates in a month, then additional columns to house the tasks. When we complete the task, we check it off, and there’s a neat percentage indicator that updates too, reflecting the total amount of completed tasks in each column.

What may not be as obvious here, though, is the last column. Clicking a cell here will bring up a neat window where you can store notes for that particular day, as demonstrated in the animation below. This can be anything from a reason you couldn’t complete a task that day to an idea for a new challenge.

You don’t have to retire to your Workspace to attempt to replicate this setup. We’ve put our Habit Tracker template for Notion up for download, meaning you can duplicate it to your Workspace, rename the columns (and add additional or remove existing ones) if required, and start tracking straight away.

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