How To Do An Internet Speed Test On Sky Glass TV

Having trouble watching content on your Sky Glass TV? Think it’s an issue with your internet connection? A speed test is an easy way to check to see whether your television is receiving enough bandwidth. Unfortunately, Sky hasn’t built a speed test feature that we can access — but there is a workaround.

The Netflix application that comes on Sky Glass TVs has a network test feature that can be used to check your connection speed. You will need to be signed into a Netflix account to use it though, then it’s as simple as opening up Netflix, selecting the menu, scrolling down to the bottom and choosing Get Help.

From there, scroll down to the bottom and click Check Your Network. Your television will then start by checking your connection to the Netflix servers (it’s a Netflix test after all), before moving on to the internet connection itself. After a few seconds a connection speed reading should appear at the bottom.

This can be used to check speeds both on the main Sky Glass TV and on individual Sky Glass Pucks dotted around the house. For an accurate reading, we recommend running the test three times then using an average of the three scores as your baseline as the speed can drop and increase in a split second.

Remember: You need at least 10Mbps to stream content in High Definition (HD) and 25Mbps for 4K Ultra HD. Not getting the speeds you expected? It could be due to the distance the signal is having to travel. Consider switching to a wired connection for the best results, or investing in a booster or a mesh router.

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