How to Edit Your Step Goal in Noom

Your starting step goal in Noom is 2000. This will change over time based on how you perform, but you can manually edit it if you want to tone it down or dial it up, or stop it from fluctuating, taking the control away from Noom and putting it in your hands.

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How is Your Noom Step Goal Determined?

As we said before, your starting step goal in Noom is 2000. If you reach this, your target step goal will increase. If you do not hit the goal, the target will decrease. It’s an exercise that’s designed to keep you engaged and working toward improvement.

If you find it to be a distraction or simply want to hit a consistent step goal daily, you can take over the reins and set your own step goal that Noom won’t overwrite. This can be done in a couple of taps and a swipe inside Noom for Android or iOS.

How to Edit Your Step Goal in Noom

  1. Scroll down and select your steps under ‘Today’s Progress’ inside Noom.
  2. Click on Edit Daily Step Goal, located in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  3. Tap the Manual button in the upper-right corner, then adjust the slider to set a new target.
  4. Click the back button in the top-left corner. This will save your new step goal.

Can You Manually Add Steps in Noom?

You can’t manually add steps in Noom if you’re using the Noom Pedometer to keep track of your movement, but you can if you’re using Apple Health or Google Fit, or another service that integrates with Noom and lets you manually edit step data.

Unfortunately, you can’t edit historic data so you’ll need to manually add the steps on the day you want them logged. We suggest setting an alert to check your data before you head to bed to ensure everything is accurate if you’re tracking things manually.

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