How to Export a Page as a PDF In Notion

Created a document in the Notion app that you want to download and store locally or share? You’ll be pleased to hear that you can export a page as a PDF in Notion, without having to use an external tool that requires account access — here’s how.

You can export any page on Notion, but you will need a Notion Enterprise subscription if you want to automatically download all nested subpages as well or you’ll need to download them all one at a time or switch to a different format like HTML.

Something worth noting before moving forward is that you don’t need to do everything manually if you want to back up your Notion Workspace in its entirety. There’s a feature baked in that will let you download everything, including files.

How to Export a Page as a PDF in Notion

  1. First, click the three horizontal dots in the upper-right corner of the document.
  2. Select Export from the list of options in the dropdown list that appears.
  3. Click Markdown & CSV in the Export Format list and select PDF.
  4. Configure the document using the options that appear, then click Export.
  5. Provide your file with an appropriate name and click Save.

Other Export Options Available

You aren’t restricted to exporting a PDF in Notion, though: You can choose to export a page as HTML or as Markdown & CSS, both of which will let you include all subpages at no cost. You can change these in the Export Format list in step three above.

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