How to Get Cash From Klarna in 2023

There are a couple of different ways to get cash from Klarna, with the easiest being to use Klarna on Amazon to buy a prepaid Visa Gift Card. You can then take this to an ATM and withdraw the cash, the same as you would with a bank-issued debit card.

These Visa Gift Cards are available in various denominations at Amazon, ranging from $25 to $200. Each are subject to a so-called Purchase Fee, which is how the card issuers make their money, from $4 to $7 per card depending on the total value.

There are a couple of other methods to withdraw cash from Klarna. One of the fastest is to use it to deposit funds straight to your bank account if you have an account with a provider that allows debit card top-ups and invoice payments like Revolut and Wise.

Just create a payment link within your banking application, then paste this into the URL bar in the Klarna application, before clicking the Pay button at the bottom to create a one-time card. You’ll then receive a virtual card number to use for the top-up.

The benefit of this approach is that the money is deposited into your bank account immediately. You don’t need to wait for a prepaid card to arrive in the mail. You can then use it to fund purchases and send money to friends, family and even pay bills.

If you don’t have a bank account that lets you deposit funds using a debit card, you can open one now. We recommend Revolut. Just download the application and follow the application process. You should be up and running in under ten minutes.

Upon approval, you’ll be able to create a virtual Revolut card which can be both used for online purchases and be added to either Apple Pay or Google Pay for in-store transactions and ATM withdrawals, while you wait for your physical card to arrive.

You’ll also be able to send funds to, and receive funds from, other bank accounts right away, both locally and internationally.

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