How to Insert a PDF in Evernote

You can insert a PDF in Evernote in a few clicks, but be aware that these contribute to your upload quota. This is set at a 25MB maximum note size and 60MB of available storage per month (this resets each month, so over a year you’d have been able to upload a maximum of 720MB) for free users. These increase to 200MB and 10GB for Personal subscribers, while Professional members don’t need to worry about the size of their notes, so long as they don’t exceed their 20GB monthly limit.

Where Do PDFs Live in Evernote?

PDFs are stored inside a note in Evernote. There’s no limit on the amount of PDFs you can insert in one note, provided it doesn’t exceed the maximum note size for Free and Personal users. Unfortunately, there is no way to store a PDF in Evernote by itself, outside of a note. 

How to Insert a PDF in Evernote

  1. Open a Note.
  2. Click the Insert button in the taskbar.
  3. Scroll down and select Attachment from the list.
  4. Use the browser window to find and select the PDF. 

Once inserted, you will then be able to edit and annotate the PDF in Evernote, similar to how you would in a tool like Adobe Acrobat. You can do this by hovering over the PDF in the Note with your mouse and clicking on the pencil icon that appears. You’ll then be taken to an editing suite where you can annotate and highlight the file. Changes made will overwrite the original stored in the note. You will of course have the option to download the revised version as a PDF should you need to. 

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