How to Make Full Width Pages in Notion

You can increase the usable area of a Page or Database in Notion. You only have one option, though: Full-width. This will force the Page to span the container of the window it’s being used in, so it’s best used on a desktop device. 

Expanding to full-width results in more columns, cards and data being shown on the screen when using a Database, so you don’t need to scroll as much, and more space available for creating usable (not too truncated to be functional) columns in Pages. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t an option to set your entire Notion Workspace to take up the full width of the window in one fell swoop: You’ll need to enable the feature manually on each Page, one at a time. But it should only take a second to do on each one.

How to Make Full Width Pages in Notion

  • Click the three horizontal dots (…) at the top of the Page. 
  • Click the button next to Full Width to switch it from OFF to ON. 

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