How to Make Sparkling Wine with a SodaStream

You can’t turn water into wine with your SodaStream, but you can turn wine into sparkling wine.

There isn’t a lot of science to it either. The process is the same as carbonating water, but using wine. We recommend using white wine for the best results. Just pour it into your carbonation bottle, then fire up the SodaStream.

How to Make Sparkling Wine with a SodaStream

  1. Pour the wine into a carbonation bottle.
  2. Attach the carbonation to the SodaStream then turn it on and fizz.
  3. Pour the now-sparkling wine into a tumbler and serve.

Our advice would be to keep carbonation below the highest setting or it could overwhelm the notes of the wine. If you like a subtle sparkle, opt for the lowest; if you prefer something a bit more excitable, try the medium level.

You’ll also want to use a middle-of-the-line bottle of wine. Shop too far the bottom of the ladder and it’ll taste like sparkling vinegar. We have found bottles between $7/£7 and $10/£10 to lead to be the sweet spot, so try starting there.

What’s fun here is it’s your chance to create something that doesn’t exist. If you aren’t a fan of the taste of Prosecco or Champagne, you can turn your favourite wine into a sparkling version so you can enjoy the same refreshing sensation.

It may take time to find something you truly love. Think of it a bit like a passion project. Play around with wines at all different levels of the spectrum — rose and white, and even red. You can even try mixing in cordials and fresh ingredients.

The main thing to consider here is that the SodaStream was not designed to carbonate anything other than water, which is why syrups are to be added after the water has been carbonated, so you’ll need to clean it thoroughly after use.

Prepare yourself for the unexpected too — as when using anything other than its intended purpose, it could break on you, so be ready to pick up a new model if that happens. Better yet, if you have an old model laying around, use that instead.

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