How to Print a Page in Notion

You can print a Page in Notion, but it isn’t as straightforward as hitting a button in the taskbar. You’ll first need to export the Page as a PDF, unless you’re using Notion for Web where you can force it to print using your browser. Here, we’ll walk you through both approaches, step by step.

How to Print a Page in Notion

As we said before, you have two main options when it comes to printing a Page in Notion: You can export it as a PDF and print it that way, or you can do it through your browser using Notion for Web. We recommend the former as it’ll preserve the formatting of the file, as printing a webpage has been known to distort it.

Print as a PDF

The first thing you’re going to need to do here is export the Page as a PDF in Notion. This is actually pretty easy. Just head into the Page, click the three dots in the upper-right corner of the document, then click Export and change the format to PDF, then, once downloaded, open the PDF and print is as you would any file.

Print as a Web Page

Your other option is to open the Page in Notion for Web, then print the webpage itself by clicking on the option in your browser (Notion overrides the keyboard shortcut). You’ll want to adjust the scale and adjust the orientation if you take this route though to fit everything on the page when it prints out.

Can You Print Directly from Notion?

You can’t print directly from Notion. You’ll need to either export the page as a PDF or print it through your web browser using Notion for Web.

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