How to Restore Your Notion Account

There’s nothing worse than closing an account only to need something stored on it a week later. Fortunately, Notion keeps user data for a little less than a month after an account is closed – provided you didn’t reach out and explicitly request all files be purged immediately. Followed the standard process? Here’s how to restore your Notion account, even after it has been deleted.

There’s just one caveat here: Notion only retains user data for 30 days after an account has been deleted. If it has been longer, you’re out of luck. In this case, it’s worth hunting around for old exports and perusing linked services to see if the files you’re looking for were backed up and/or transferred outside of Notion. If you’re within the timeframe, read on for instructions on what to do.

How to Restore Your Notion Account

Restoring your Notion account is actually rather easy. You simply need to shoot an email to the Notion Community Support Team at from the email address that was formerly linked to your Notion account. Explain the issue and inform them that you’re requesting your account – and all data associated with it – be restored. They will then take care of the rest.

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