How to Return Sky Glass

Sky Glass is a new service and as we mentioned in our review, it isn’t for everyone — not yet, anyway. Fortunately, you can revert to your old subscription (or cancel altogether if you’re a new customer) and return your hardware for free, so long as you arrange it within the first 31 days of ownership. Here’s how to return Sky Glass.

The first thing you’re going to need to do is make a note of the serial number for each Sky Glass TV and Sky Glass Puck you’re returning. You can find this in Settings, by scrolling down to System Management and selecting System Info. Keep these handy, preferably written on a scrap of paper, as you’ll need to use them shortly.

Next, contact Sky Support (0333 7591 018) and let them know you’re unhappy with Sky Glass and want to return your hardware. If you’re a new customer, you’ll have the option to switch to Sky Q or receive a full refund. Existing customers will be able to revert to their old subscription.

Best come with a collection date in mind as the advertiser will schedule it with its courier right there and then. Once scheduled, start by resetting your Sky Glass TV and each Sky Glass Puck by heading into Settings, followed by System Management, then selecting Resets & Updates, and Factory Reset.

Next, gather all of the equipment and snap some photographs to document the condition it was in before it left your home. Box up the Sky Glass Pucks and any extra hardware you bought through the Sky Store. You don’t need to worry about television itself — the courier will come in and box that up.

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