How to See When Your Noom Subscription Expires

Want to find out when your Noom subscription comes to an end? Obviously, we can’t tell you right here so we’re going to have to walk you through it. You’ll be pleased to hear that it can be done on a couple of clicks — on desktop and mobile. We suggest doing it on the device you use Noom the most on as you’ll already be signed in.

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How to See When Your Noom Subscription Expires

The first thing you’re going to want to do is fire up Noom, then click the menu icon in the top-left corner. From there, select Settings then scroll down and tap Manage Subscription under Account. Wait a few seconds for Noom to locate your account information. Your renewal date can be found in the Purchase Information section.

Unfortunately, it may not be quite as easy to cancel your Noom subscription as it was to start it up, or see when it’s expiring. Depending on how you signed up, you may need to do it through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Luckily, we have an article that’ll walk you through all the different ways you can stop it from renewing.

How to Get a Discount When You Renew Your Noom Subscription

If you decide you want to renew your Noom subscription, there are a couple of ways you can get a discount on the renewal. The first thing you may want to consider doing is entering into a term-based commitment — Noom will reward you handsomely for this, offering significant reductions on its service. You can save as much as $509.

  • Monthly Auto-Renewing Plan — $59
  • 2 Month Auto-Renewing Plan — $99
  • 3 Month Auto-Renewing Plan — $129
  • 4 Month Auto-Renewing Plan — $139
  • 5 Month Auto-Renewing Plan — $149
  • 6 Month Auto-Renewing Plan — $159
  • 7 Month Auto-Renewing Plan — $169
  • 8 Month Auto-Renewing Plan — $179
  • Annual Auto-Renewing Plan — $199

Another thing you can try is canceling your membership before the expiration date (you’ll still be able to use it through the renewal date) and letting Noom entice you back. Nine out of ten times, Noom will reach out a day or two later asking you to renew it, offering you a substantial discount to do so — sometimes up to $30.

Interestingly, some users have also reported receiving discounts by speaking to Noom Support or their Noom Personal Coach, with one claiming to have received the Monthly Auto-Renewing Plan for as little as $20 per month. You’ll want to tell them it’s a little too expensive as it currently is in order to get this outcome, apparently.

Can Existing Noom Customers Get a Free Trial?

Noom markets its two-week free trial as being exclusively for new customers, but some existing customers have managed to blag one by reaching out to Noom Support or their Noom Personal Coach and mentioning that they’re having second thoughts and would like some extra time to try Noom out with no commitment.

Of course, in order to venture down this route you will first need to cancel your Noom subscription, then reach out. The good news here is you’ll still be able to use Noom through the renewal date, so you have time to test the waters and get a couple of weeks, or even a month, of use for free, before resubscribing if you get nowhere.

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