How to Use Page Lock in Notion

Page Lock is a feature in Notion that lets you temporarily restrict editing access to a Page to safeguard it from accidental edits, without having to alter user permissions. Anyone, so long as they have the initial permissions required to edit the Page, can turn on Page Lock and turn it back off to make tweaks to the content.

You can tell if Page Lock is enabled as a Locked indicator will appear alongside the name of the Page in the navigation menu at the top of your Notion window. If you can’t see this little icon, it means that Page Lock isn’t enabled and you’re free to edit the content as you see fee. If it’s turned on, you will need to disable it first.

How to use Page Lock in Notion

  1. Click the three horizontal dots in the upper-right corner of the document.
  2. Select the option entitled Lock Page.

Does Page Lock Work on Mobile?

Page Lock works on the Notion app for all devices, so you can use the feature on mobile — Android and iOS. Depending on whether you’ve received the latest version of Notion, the way to turn it on and off may be a little different; you may need to look for a flick-switch as opposed to clicking a Lock Page button.

Is There a Page Lock Shortcut?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a Page Lock shortcut in Notion. The creators say this is because the tool is designed to provide one layer of extra protection so people have to be intentional about the changes they make, and manually clicking is the best way to do this as a keyboard shortcut can be executed by accident, without knowing.

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