How to Use the Notion Chrome Extension

There’s a Notion Chrome Extension that can be installed from the Chrome Web Store. Often referred to as the Notion Web Clipper, this little free tool lets you save websites to your Workspace straight from your browser window, without having to head over to the Notion website, download Notion for desktop, or open the software at all. It can be done with the mere click of a button.

Download Notion Chrome Extension

Installing the Notion Chrome Extension couldn’t be easier. It’s as simple as heading over to the Chrome Web Store, searching for Notion Web Clipper (or clicking here) and clicking ‘Add to Chrome’. You’ll then be asked to link the Extension to your Notion account, which takes no more than a couple of seconds.


How to use the Notion Chrome Extension

Once installed, using the Notion Chrome Extension couldn’t be easier. The first time you click the icon from the Extensions section in Chrome, you’ll be asked to link your Notion account. Just follow the on-screen instructions to do this, then moving forward whenever you click the icon you’ll be asked to choose where you want to store the link in your Notion Workspace.

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