Is Notion Personal Pro Worth it?

Wondering whether to upgrade to a Personal Pro subscription or stick with the free Personal membership? The answer to that question is actually pretty simple: It all comes down to how you use Notion and whether you’re hitting certain barriers.

If you keep running into limitations while uploading files, are unable to invite more users to your Workspace or have made a change to a file, then wanted to restore it to a previous version only to find it’s lost, then consider upgrading to Personal Pro.

For $4 per month, Notion will put an end to all of these restrictions — you can upload files as large and as often as you want, invite as many people as you need to, and you can view and restore all of the changes you’ve made over the last month.

If you aren’t running into these roadblocks, then it’s probably best to continue with the free Personal membership as there are no other perks that come with Personal Pro — unless you want to sling Notion a few bucks each month to show your appreciation.

However, if you’re experiencing a limitation that isn’t on the list, then it may be wise to consider one of the many Notion alternatives out there. You don’t have to choose between two tools, like Notion or Evernote, though: You can use them in tandem.

If you’re doing some research before you download Notion, or maybe you’re looking for some inspiration, we’ve rounded up all the best Notion templates. We’ve also selected the best Notion templates for students, if that’s more your thing.

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