Is Walmart Open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in 2022?

Whether you’re in need of an amazing last-minute gift or the secret ingredient for a famous holiday recipe, sometimes you need a store on Christmas. Walmart is a great one-stop holiday shop for everything from gifts to ingredients. But is Walmart open on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve? Let’s find out.

Is Walmart Open on Christmas Eve?

Yes, Walmart’s doors will be open on Christmas Eve 2022. Walmarts nationwide will be up and running for slightly shortened hours on Christmas Eve. There is no need to panic this year. Worried shoppers can snag those last-minute stocking stuffers plus whatever special touches they need to finish off the holiday feast all the way down to the wire.

Depending on your location, your local Walmart will close at 6PM or 8PM (local time) on Christmas Eve. To find out the exact Christmas Eve hours at your nearest store try this handy tool. Type in your zip code and select your preferred store. Click the link to see more store details. Directly below the every day hours you will find your local Christmas Eve hours.

Is Walmart Open on Christmas Day?

Once a year, Walmarts across America shut down for Christmas. On December 25th, Christmas Day, all Walmarts will be closed. This provides Walmart employees with a much-deserved break after a busy holiday season, so be prepared and grab all your last-minute gifts and supplies from Walmart on Christmas Eve.

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