Can You Pay Bills with Klarna?

You can pay bills with Klarna, assuming the creditor accepts debit cards through a website. The process of making such a payment isn’t all that dissimilar to using Klarna on Amazon, requiring you to head over to the website within the Klarna application, create a one-time virtual card and use those details for the transaction.

The entire process should take no more than a couple of minutes from start to finish, though you will need to be aware of the total payment that’ll be needed beforehand as you will need to set a limit for the one-time virtual card. If you don’t request enough funds, the transaction will be declined and you’ll need to repeat the steps.

You’ll be able to choose, depending on the country you’re using Klarna from, three different forms of financing for a one-time virtual card: Splitting the balance into three or four (region-dependent) interest-free instalments; deferring the full balance for 30 days; or spreading the cost over 36 months, which is best suited to larger purchases.

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