Noom Free Trial: Can You Use the Service for Free?

There is a Noom free trial.

It’s marketed at new customers and lasts for two weeks, though some people have managed to extend the period by reaching out to Noom Support or their Noom Personal Coach and mentioning that they’re having second thoughts and would like some extra time to try it out with no commitment.

Some existing customers have also said they’ve managed to enrol in the Noom free trial again after canceling their subscription, so if you’re thinking about signing up again and would like to take it for another spin first before parting with some cash, try reaching out to Noom Support and letting them know you need a bit more time.

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How to Sign up for the Noom Free Trial

You can sign up for the Noom free trial from the Noom App for Android or iOS, or Noom for Web.  We recommend the signing up through Noom for Web as it’s easier to cancel the subscription should you decide you don’t want to renew at the end of the trial.

We’ve detailed this in our dedicated explainer on canceling your Noom subscription, but in short: If you sign up on mobile and use either Apple Pay or Google Pay as the payment method to be used when the free trial comes to an end, it has to be terminated through them and not within the Noom application.

However, if you sign up for the Noom free trial through its website, which can be done either on a desktop or a mobile device, it can be canceled with a click or two without having to head into different applications to stop Noom from taking an instalment at the end of the trial.

Once you’ve enrolled in the Noom free trial through a browser, you can then sign in to your account on the mobile application and use it the same way you would as if you signed up through it. You also have the option to use it through a browser like Apple Safari or Google Chrome on a computer.

How Long is the Noom Free Trial?

The Noom free trial lasts for two weeks. You’ll need to cancel before the two-week anniversary of the date you start it if you don’t want to be automatically transitioned to a Monthly Auto-Renewing Plan, the most expensive the service offers, at the end of the free period and billed $59.

How Much Is Noom After the Free Trial?

Noom will default to a standard Monthly Auto-Renewing Plan after the free trial comes to an end, at $59. Other options are available and come with discounts — a two-month membership is available for $99 at discount of $19, all the way up to an Annual Auto-Renewing Plan for $199, a massive discount of $509.

You can also use Noom for free, without a subscription. This comes with a more limited set of features: You won’t be able to use the Noom Personal Coach mentoring service  or access the articles it sends out each day to educate you on nutrition and keep you motivated, for example.

You will still be able to use its calorie and exercise-tracking features, though.

Should You Sign up for the Noom Free Trial?

Who doesn’t want to try before they buy? That’s exactly what the Noom free trial lets you do — take the service for a spin before handing over a dime. We recommend signing up for the trial even if you’re sure you want to subscribe to Noom. Any extra money is better in your pocket than theirs, right?

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