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We were on what felt like an eternal quest to find the best Notion Calendar Template. Each solution we tried was missing something crucial or required too much manual maintenance, so we took a step back and created our own.. Enter our Notion Daily Schedule Template, which brings your to-do list and calendar under one umbrella, showing you what you need to do each day without having to bounce between Pages.

Set it as your Start Page or use our Notion Clean Dashboard (the Daily Schedule Template is included with it at no added cost) and see your calendar as soon as you open Notion. By default, it’ll show you all the events you have on today, in a timeline view, broken into fifteen-minute chunks, but can be switched to a checklist that can be printed or shared or a standard monthly calendar with the click of a button.

A look at the flexible timeline view, broken into fifteen minute intervals.

We’ve also built in options to look back at yesterday’s events and tasks or forward to tomorrow in a flash. You can also view all overdue to-do list tasks, sorted from most overdue to least. Icons are used to differentiate between to-do list items and meetings at a glance. You can create more of these for each type of task or event. For example, you could create a new entry template for meal times, using fries as the symbol.

A look at the daily list view, which can be printed, exported and shared.

Included is an event template with sections of discussion points, action items and a place to store resources, which is ideal for planning meetings, taking notes in them and storing any files that are shared by other attendees in a time capsule that you can refer back to in the future should you need to. Again, you can create more of these for each type of task or event you need to add to make the process more efficient.

A look at the traditional calendar view for a zoomed-out snapshot.

Reminders can be set for both events and tasks, with alerts pushed to all devices you have the Notion App installed on.

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Free Notion Calendar Template

You can create a calendar in Notion for free in a couple of clicks. It’s as straightforward as adding a new Page, then selecting Calendar — but don’t stop there. You will need to build several views and bake in some level of sorting and filtering between them to make the calendar work for you. That’s how we created our Notion Daily Schedule Template, hands-down the best calendar solution for Notion we’ve used to date.

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