Add This Event Countdown Template to Your Notion Workspace

You’re counting down to a big event. Maybe it’s your birthday, or an anniversary, or someone else’s birthday or anniversary, or a vacation. Heck, it could even be something to do with work or school — a sabbatical or start date perhaps. Whatever the case, this fun little Event Countdown Template will tell you exactly how many days you have to wait until it happens from the comfort of your Notion Workspace.

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Just add a new event, the date it occurs and a cover image (this will be used for the featured image, so pick a good one!) and the template will then how long it is between now and when it happens, counting down each day. By default, upcoming events are shown at open. You can switch to the Past Events view to look back and see how long it has been since a previous event happened though.

The Event Countdown is built on top of a database, so you can embed individual items into other Pages using Notion’s versatile relational database feature. You can even use the card created for each event as a travel planner, housing all information pertaining to the event within it, like how much has been paid and what’s outstanding, who will be in attendance, boarding passes and reservations, and a schedule.

You can also set reminders. These will be pushed to all devices you have the Notion App installed on, in line with the amount of notice you requested. This could be on the day of the event, a day before, two days before, or a week before. Don’t have it installed on your mobile advice? We have an entire section dedicated to helping you download Notion on any device, from Android and iOS to PC and Notion for Mac.

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