Notion Help: How to Contact Support, and More Things You Can Try

Notion has one of the best support teams out there who will only be too happy to help get you back on the right track. Here’s how to contact Notion support, and a few other things you can try if you need help with Notion, including the Notion subreddit.

How to Contact Notion Support

The easiest way to contact Notion support is by email. You can reach them at They also have a Live Chat feature that’s available by scrolling to the bottom of its Help, Support & Document page and clicking on Contact Support.

Other Ways to Get Notion Help

If you’re after faster response or need assistance with something out of the usual scope of support, you have a few other options you can try, like heading over to the Notion subreddit, browsing YouTube or reaching out to Notion on Twitter.

Online Resources

The internet is full of useful documentation to help you get started with Notion, and we have most of it here on Notion Wizard, so have a look around. You could also try searching for answers on Notion’s own Help, Support or Documentation page.

Notion Reddit

The Notion subreddit is home to 140,000 users, making it the best place to turn to if you’re after Notion help and want a quick response. Just post your question and someone will no doubt get back to you in a few minutes, often with a useful answer.

Courses and Training Videos

There are several Notion courses and training videos out there that could just have the solution to the problem you’re looking forward. We recommend starting by searching for the issue on YouTube, before checking out courses on platforms like Skillshare.

Notion Twitter

Like most companies, Notion is extremely responsive on Twitter, so it could be a useful tool if you need Notion help in a hurry. Just shoot them a question @NotionHQ and wait for a response. It usually takes less than one business day for a response.

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