Sky Will Give You £100 to Try Its Sky Glass TV

Sky is offering £100 to customers who switch to its Sky Glass TV — which comes with Sky built in — in the form of a Mastercard that can be used at any retailer, with the choice to cancel Sky Glass in their first month if they find it isn’t right for them.

The main benefit of Sky Glass is that it doesn’t require additional hardware to access Sky’s leading cable service. You can subscribe to Sky Entertainment, Sky Cinema, Sky Sports, and more, adding and removing as and when they’re needed.

Try Sky Glass from £13/month

How Much is Sky Glass?

There’s a little more to the Sky Glass price than the cost of the television itself, which can be purchased outright or spread over a fixed term. You also need to take into account the subscription fee needed to watch content on the device.

Pricing for the Sky Glass TV itself starts at £13 per month for the 43-inch model on a 48-month contract. Subscriptions start at £26 per month for the base Sky Ultimate TV bundle, which includes Netflix, but not Sky Cinema, Sky Sports, Sky Kids or BT Sport.

This means that in the cheapest offering, Sky Glass will set you back £39 per month, with £10 upfront. You do have the option to spread the cost over a 24-month term instead, increasing the price of the television to £26 per month, with £20 due upfront.

Alternatively, you can buy the hardware itself outright, for £649 for the 43-inch version. Take this route and all you’ll need to pay is the subscription fee, from £26 per month. You don’t need this though and can instead hook up a set-top box like Sky Q.

Sky is asking £849 for the 55-inch model and £1049 for the 65-inch model. Financing for these starts at £17 per month for the former and £21 per month for the latter, both on a 48-month term, and increases to £34 and £42 respectively on a 24-month term.

Keep in mind that these prices are just for the standard configuration. Customize the television by adding a custom speaker fascia and you’ll need to hand over at least an extra £39. This can jump to as much as £59, depending on the size you choose.

You also need to hand over extra money each month to enjoy luxuries like 4K Ultra HD and Dolby Atmos, which come as a bundle priced at £5 per month and Sky Glass Multiroom at £10 per month, not including the Pucks themselves which cost £50 each.

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