SodaStream Leaking Water When Carbonating? Here’s How to Fix It

Your SodaStream probably isn’t broken if it’s leaking water when carbonating. There are a couple of other much less sinister reasons water could seep out, and both can be diagnosed in a couple of seconds: You may not have the carbonating bottle attached properly, or you may have put too much water in.

Trust me, I know the feeling of dread that comes when a SodaStream is leaking water while carbonating. Last year, I upgraded to a SodaStream One Touch and it leaked almost immediately. I immediately though the worse of the situation, but after some tinkering I found the carbonating bottle wasn’t attached correctly.

The easiest way to ensure everything is working properly is to insert the bottle with the SodaStream logo facing forward so you can ensure it’s aligned in the center, then push up and back to lock it in to place (if you’re using a SodaStream Spirit or SodaStream One Touch — you shouldn’t have this issue with the SodaStream Crystal).

You’ll want to remember as well that SodaStream carbonating bottles have a maximum fill line. That’s because the water level rises while it’s carbonating. Add too much water and it’ll overflow, causing water to leak out of your SodaStream while it’s carbonating, so check to make sure you haven’t exceed it.

While less common, another reason your SodaStream could leak water when carbonating is because you’re re-carbonating something. This will result in it bubbling up more than it usually would, causing the water level to rise higher, increasing the chance of it overflowing.

If everything looks in order at your SodaStream is still leaking water when carbonating, then this could be a rare instance where you have a hardware fault. Fortunately, all SodaStream Water Makers come with at least a two-year warranty, so reach out to them and they’ll be able to set it right.

Owned your SodaStream for more than two years? You may need to purchase a new one.

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