Can You Use Zilch in Store?

You can use Zilch in any store that accepts MasterCard and Apple Pay or Google Pay.

There are no additional fees for using Zilch in a retail store, and you don’t need to let the attendant know that’s how you’re paying. The process is exactly the same as paying with a standard debit or credit card using Apple Pay or Google Pay as far as they’re concerned. 

Before You Use Zilch in a Store

There is a little bit of pre-work needed to use Zilch in a store. You’ll first need to follow the prompts in the Zilch application to set up ‘Zilch Anywhere’, which will create a virtual card and store it in Apple Pay or Google Pay. You’ll then be able to use it in retail locations and online. 

Transactions will count towards your Zilch Credit Limit, so you’ll want to ensure you have enough money available before checking out — or anything spent over your limited will be billed at checkout. So if you’re spending £100, but only have £25 worth of credit available, you’ll be charged £81.25 immediately. 

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