Yes, Supreme Removed Apple Pay as a Payment Option

Supreme made the switch from its own e-commerce solution to Shopify this month, (either intentionally or inadvertently) removing the option to pay with Apple Pay in the shuffle. This means you’ll either need to enter a credit card number or checkout with PayPal. Autofill does still work on mobile and desktop, but it’s noticeably slower than Apple Pay — which also added all of the other required information at the time of checkout.

It’s unclear whether Supreme will reintroduce Apple Pay. It could be that it changed payment processor in the move, and is still working to restore former functionality. Or it could be that it has decided to ditch the feature, which was first introduced back in July 2021. One thing is for certain, though: Customers aren’t happy, complaining that shopping on mobile just became impossible, and that’ll be going back to desktop and bots.

This Supreme Bot Works with Shopify

Fortunately, there are still plenty of Shopify bots out there for people looking to ensure they secure that must-have item in the next drop. Supercop, which operated a dedicated Supreme bot before the brand switched to Shopify on January 8, alongside a bot for Shopify stores, is the tried-and-tested solution we recommend. Customers who used it for Supreme before January will have their license transferred to the Shopify version for free.

Used by more than 40,000 people, Supercop is a Chrome Extension that adds an item to cart, autofills your billing info and completes the checkout. You can use it to find specific products as they’re released, by inputting a specific keyword (or multiple), as well as the color you’re after and the size. It’ll then search for them and place and order as they’re available. If you missed out, it’ll automatically check for restocks too. 

The bot costs $80 upfront, then $20 a month — cancel anytime. 

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