Don’t Update Your OnePlus 6/6T to OxygenOS 11 if You Use Gmail

OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T owners are complaining that they’re no longer receiving notifications from Gmail after updating from OyxgenOS 10 (Android 10) to OxygenOS 11 (Android 11).

Users report trying everything from uninstalling Gmail to clearing the application’s cache, with one mentioning this worked for around an hour, before the tumbleweed returned. They’ve confirmed that all notification settings are correct. One mentioned that Data Saver isn’t turned on, either.

Taking to the OnePlus Forums to share their experiences, one frustrated customer detailed how they’ve tried wiping the cache (it doesn’t look like this is a short term fix for all devices), uninstalling the latest Gmail update, and turning off all battery optimization features, but to no avail.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a Google account or a Microsoft Exchange one, according to one user. The issue is with the Gmail client itself, they theorize, after revealing that they too are experiencing the issue while using a Microsoft Exchange account on Gmail.

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