Templates for Squarespace: Where to Find Them in 2021

Searching for templates for Squarespace? Here, we’ll help you find where all the best Squarespace templates are hiding out. You’ll want to keep your credit card nearby, though: Just like Squarespace isn’t free, the best Squarespace templates out there aren’t either. Pricing starts around $89 and runs north of $500 for some of the most complex, feature-rich offerings out there. There are a couple of places that offer free Squarespace templates that we’ve included as well.

Where to Find Templates for Squarespace

The best place to start Squarespace’s own template database. It’s home to around one hundred, including both free and paid offerings. If you’re new to Squarespace, or don’t need something super rich, or maybe you’re taking the Squarespace free trial for a spin, we recommend starting with one of the free Squarespace templates on offer. They’re all extremely customizable. Chances are, one of them can be used to bring something close to your vision to life with a bit of tweaking.

Don’t like the look of something in the official Squarespace templates repository? You’ll need to head over to shop around, checking out some web developers who offer premium Squarespace templates. The main thing to keep in mind here though is that unlike official Squarespace templates, these don’t usually come with a one-click install option. More often than not, they’ll require some manual work to upload them to your website, but they always come with detailed instructions.


Squaremuse has one of the largest collections of templates for Squarespace we’ve seen, spanning both Squarespace 7.0 and Squarespace 7.1. They aren’t cheap, but they have the best aftercare too — offering options for installation support and full setup. All of their Squarespace templates can be personalized to match your brand identity. As luck would have it, there’s a sale happening at the moment: Enter coupon code NOVEMEBER at checkout for a massive 15% OFF your order.


Designed with businesses and creators in mind, Candor offers a small, but feature-rich selection of Squarespace templates that are bound to blow you away. Pricing starts at $148. Instead of downloading files here, you’ll receive an invitation to a brand new Squarespace site shortly after you’ve made your purchase. You can then move the template over to your existing website, or migrate your existing website over to the new one, making tweaks to the design (if needed) as you go.

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