One of the more expensive Fountain Pens on our list, the Parker Jotter reminds us of a Mont Blanc. Its thin, sleek stainless steel construction makes for a comfortable writing experience. Best of all, the Parker Jotter is bundled with one large cartridge of water-based blue ink and ships in a distinctive Parker presentation box — all for less than $20.

Parker Jotter 


After something a bit cheaper than the aforementioned Parker Jotter? Turn your attention to the Waterman Graduate. It doesn’t feel quite as high-end, nor it as pleasurable to write with — but it is the next best thing. Its claim to fame is a small rubber grip at the bottom which makes it comfortable to write with for extended durations (think: hours).

Waterman Graduate


The Copic Markers FO2 isn’t particularly comfortable to write with, but its smooth flow makes it a must-have for drawing. It’s particularly useful for fine line and detail work, according to one user, because you’re able to put down lines of various widths depending on how much pressure and speed is used without it bleeding to the other side of the page.

Copic Markers F02