What Channels are on Sky Glass, and What’s Missing?

You’ll find channels on Sky Q that are not available on Sky Glass. These include CNN International and QVC, and catch-up channels like Channel 5+1 and ITV+1. 

Here’s the kicker: Because you can’t record on Sky Glass, you have to count on the show you missed to be available on an on-demand service like BBC iPlayer.

You then need to wait for the show (if it’s headed to the service) to be available, which often isn’t at the same time it’s airing live, and can take as long as 24 hours to show up.

How Many Channels are on Sky Glass?

Sky Glass maxes out at around 140 channels, including those that are included with Sky Sports, Sky Cinema and Sky Kids, which are available as optional add-ons. 

Compare that number to the more than three hundred available on the rival Sky Q satellite service, and just how limited Sky Glass is becomes very apparent.

But  these are two very different services: Sky Glass isn’t intended to compete with Sky Q. It’s for a different type of viewer; one who streams first. 

If you spend most of your time consuming content through services like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, and use catch-up tools like ITV Player, then it’s fantastic.

However, if you’re a live-viewing buff who want’s everything to be available at the touch of a button, then it may be hard to live with the lack of catch-up channels. 

You’ll of course need to be able to deal with the channels that are missing: If you’re a veteran QVC viewer, then Sky Glass may not be the best service for you. 

What Channels are on Sky Glass?

Sky Glass is home to a lot of channels we all know and love, but it’s also missing essentials like ITV+1 and shopping channels like Ideal Home and QVC. 

Here’s a look at all of the channels on Sky Glass, starting with what’s included in the standard Ultimate TV bundle, followed by what can be added on top. 

What Channels Aren’t on Sky Glass?

Sky Glass doesn’t offer live access to any catch-up channels. This includes Channel 4+1 and Channel 5+1, ITV+1 and ITV2+1, and E4+1. 

It’s also missing all of the main shopping networks, including QVC, and has a slimmer selection of of music, religious, news and international channels. 

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