Where to Buy a Laptop with Klarna

You can use Klarna at any online retailer that accepts a credit or debit card, so you shouldn’t have a hard time financing a laptop. Whether you’re shopping from the United Kingdom or the United States, or any other region where the finance service is available, you’re bound to be able to split the cost of the machine either over three or four interest-free instalments, depending on the options offered in your location.

Depending on where you reside and your credit and borrowing history, you may also be able to defer the payment for thirty days, settling the balance in full then at no added cost, or split the cost over as long as three years, which is ideal for larger purchases or for anyone looking for a rock-bottom monthly payment — though you will have to pay some interest if you take this approach to cover the cost of the loan.

Still, it’s reassuring to know you have options when buying a laptop through Klarna. If you’re looking for a Chromebook, Best Buy was recently offering a sealed, mint-in-box Samsung Chromebook 3 for $80, which came out to four interest-free instalments of $20. Elsewhere, you can split the cost of a MacBook Air through a retailer like Gamestop for as little as $30 per month for three years through Klarna Financing.

As Klarna is acting as a credit provider, you’re covered by most if not all of the same guarantees credit card providers in your country offer. This makes it easier to receive a refund if the item doesn’t arrive or it’s faulty and the retailer doesn’t want to play ball by offering a replacement or a refund, making it that little bit safer to shop online, especially through auction websites like eBay and when buying refurbished models.

Just because you’re paying with credit doesn’t mean you should take unnecessary risks, so stick to the reputable retailers. Shopping at leading stores ensures you’re buying a real device, complete with a warranty. You also have more options when it comes to repairs, support and servicing. These are household names like Currys and John Lewis in the United Kingdom and Best Buy and Walmart in the United States.

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