Where to Recycle HelloFresh Packaging

You’ll need to invest some time if you want to recycle your HelloFresh packaging, as each shipment comes with a bunch of different coverings — some recyclable, some not. Some of this packaging needs to be dismantled, so the recyclable materials can be recycled, and the non-recyclables can be trashed separately. Here’s exactly how to recycle your HelloFresh packaging when your next order arrives.

How to Recycle HelloFresh Packaging

You shouldn’t have trouble recycling the cardboard box HelloFresh ships in, or the cardboard dividers and paper bags the meals are parcelled in. You can cut a small corner of the Ice Pack to drain it the liquid, and recycle that too. The same applies to all the small plastic bags the food, sauces and condiments are included in — rinse these out and recycle them. That leave thee insulating liner, used to keep everything fresh.

HelloFresh uses a few different liners — some can be dismantled and recycled, disposing of the none-recyclables separately, and others can’t. The wool-like insulator most of us are familiar with can’t be recycled for curbside collection, but the plastic it’s enclosed in can be, so you can cut it out, then trash the material itself. It takes a little bit of work, but every little helps when it comes to doing our bit to protect the planet.

HelloFresh Can Do More to Help

We can’t help but think HelloFresh can make these items completely recycle-able. It should offer some sort of mail-in service, similar to what Nespresso does with its capsules, so customers can send back their insulating liners, which the company can then sanitise and reuse. We understand it may not want the cardboard or plastic back, but that’s not an issue as it can all be recycled from home, but the insulation can’t.

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