Where to Watch Pitch Perfect

A still from Pitch Perfect 2.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a streaming service that offers free access to all three Pitch Perfect movies under the umbrella of a subscription. This means you will need to hand over some cash if you want to watch Pitch Perfect online, from movie one to three.

How Many Pitch Perfect Movies are There? 

There are three Pitch Perfect movies. The first was released in 2012, succeeded by Pitch Perfect 2 in 2015 — the most successful film in the franchise, bringing in $287.5 million at the box office. The third and final movie, Pitch Perfect 3, launched in 2017. 

Where to Watch Pitch Perfect in the US

HBO Max has the first movie, which can be streamed for free with a membership, but the other two will need to be rented through Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV or YouTube TV, from $3.99.

Where to Watch Pitch Perfect in the UK

Netflix has the first movie, but the other two will need to be rented through Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Google Play Movies & TV or YouTube TV from £2.49. 

Pitch Perfect Streaming FAQs

Have a question about where to watch Pitch Perfect? Want to know whether it’s on a specific streaming service, like Disney Plus? We have the answers below. 

Is Pitch Perfect on Disney Plus?

Pitch Perfect is not on Disney Plus and considering it was distributed by Universal Pictures, a rival to The Walt Disney Company, it’s unlikely we’ll see it on the streaming service anytime soon. In fact, a launch on NBC-owned Peacock is far more likely. 

Is Pitch Perfect on Hulu?

Pitch Perfect is not on Hulu in any of the territories it’s available in. The first movie is available through HBO Max in the United States and Netflix in the United Kingdom, with the other two available to rent through Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV. 

Is Pitch Perfect on Netflix?

Pitch Perfect is on Netflix, but only in select territories including the United Kingdom, but not the United States (where it’s on HBO Max). It’s only the first movie that’s available on the streamer, too: You will need to rent the others. 

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