Why Do SodaStream Bottles Expire?

SodaStream bottles are subjected to a lot of pressure during carbonation – when the bottle is filled with carbon dioxide above atmospheric pressure to fizz the water – which can cause the bottle to become weaker over time.

Continue using a bottle when it is no longer structurally sound and it could shatter into a million pieces while the machine is carbonation, making a mess and potentially causing harm to people in what we like to refer to as the blast zone.

We refer to it as the blast zone, because that’s exactly what it is. In the same way a bullet is propelled from a gun due to the exertion of energy (pressure) from a chemical reaction, the same thing happens here with your SodaStream bottle.

Instead of requiring customers to send their bottle back for testing to determine how much life it has left – which would be time-consuming and expensive – SodaStream simply assigns an expiry date to all of its carbonation bottles.

The intention here is that owners will recycle them and purchase a newer model. Use them beyond the expiration date and SodaStream is not liable for any destruction or injuries that occur as a result of a bottle rupturing.

How Long Do SodaStream Bottles Last?

There are two types of SodaStream bottles: Glass and Plastic. The former should last forever, while the latter need to be replaced every three years on average. Check the expiration date on the side of the bottle for specific instructions.

Do You Need to Replace SodaStream Bottles?

Because SodaStream bottles expire, you’ll need to replace them every three years or so. You can recycle the old bottle, and new ones can be purchased from select brick-and-mortar stores and the SodaStream website (the largest selection).

Do Glass SodaStream Bottles Expire?

You’ll be please to hear that glass SodaStream bottles do not expire. That’s because they’re stronger and more durable than their plastic counterparts. Assuming no cracks or imperfections appear, you should be able to use these forever.

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