Download Asana

You don’t need to download Asana to use it, but the desktop application does have some added benefits. Aside from feeling more native and faster to access from a standing start, it creates a distraction-free environment. Whether you’re on Android or iOS, or Mac or Windows, you can download the latest version of Asana here.

Download Asana for Windows

Asana for Windows


Download Asana for Mac

Asana for Mac



  • OS: Android; iOS; Mac; Windows; Web
  • License: Free with Premium add-ons available
  • Developer: Asana Incorporated

Do You Need to Download Asana?

You don’t need to download Asana to use it. The tool can be accessed through a web browser like Google Chrome — on desktop and mobile. Although we do recommend installing Asana on your device for faster access and distraction-free user experience.

Is Asana Safe to Download?

Asana is safe to download. Depending on the platform you’re accessing from, the software will be downloaded from Asana’s server or a reputable marketplace like the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. It isn’t routed through a file-storage service like Softonic, and instead comes straight from the source (Asana).

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