12 Notion Templates We’re Obsessed With

Whether you’re new to Notion or a veteran looking for inspiration for something new to create, below we’ve rounded up some of the best Notion templates you can take for a spin today. But be sure to keep checking back — we update this list all the time.

Kanban Board

We’ve tried a lot of different Kanban Boards, but we found they often become too overwhelming — people add far too many columns and relationships to the point where you end up spending more time managing the workflow than you do on with the task at hand, so we created this raw Notion Kanban Board Template.

We haven’t filled it through of complicated features. Instead, it’s akin to the basic Kanban Board you can create in Notion with a click of two out of the box. The workflow is simple: Add the tasks you need to complete to the first column, move them over to the second while you’re working on them, then to the third when done.

You can assign tasks to other people and set deadlines down the the hour and minute. You can also set a reminder in Notion to be delivered at a time that’s convenient for you — similar to how the reminders feature in Microsoft Outlook works, so you can be notified about tasks coming due tomorrow the day before.

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All-Purpose Notebook

What we believe to be the Swiss Army Knife of Notion templates, our All-Purpose Notebook lets you store notes, links, documents, locations and even snippets of code. These entries are stored in a structured way, separated by topic, and can be filtered in various different ways, like by files edited within the last week (default).

Written notes are shown in a preview on the dashboard, so you can see what’s inside without opening the file. Other supported entries come with custom artwork, which is automatically added when the note is created, to keep the experience consistent across the entire notebook. You can create more of these with the included PSD.

Select the type of upload and the notebook will take care of the rest.

The default view will show all entries edited within the last week. You can switch to all entries edited today with the click of a button, or to a calendar view to see what happened in an entire month. You can also browse by file type to boot — you can view all of the photos in your notebook in one place, for example.

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To-Do List

Notion has its own version that users are required to use to use Alexa with Notion, but we feel this is the best Notion To-Do List Template available for everyone else. That’s because the stock template that Notion created is a bit too Kanban-like for us, requiring users to spend time organizing their list.

What we’ve done is create a Notion To-Do List Template that uses filters and sorting options to automatically collate tasks and provide them in different views. For instance, you can view all overdue tasks or what you need to do tomorrow with the click of a button — similar to our Daily Schedule Template.

You can add tasks to categories to keep them bunched together. This is useful for keeping track of all the tasks associated with a particular project. Because you can set a reminder in Notion, you can also set a specific time to complete the task and receive a notification through the Notion App when it’s time to do it.

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Daily Schedule

We created this Notion Daily Schedule Template to make it easier to bring your calendar and to-do list under one roof. You can add new tasks, events and reminders with the click of a button. These are shown in a timeline view by default but can be switched to a traditional list that can be checked as complete each item.

Other notable features include pre-built views that let look back at yesterday’s events and tasks and see what’s on the docket for tomorrow. You also have the option to take a step back and view all of the events in a monthly calendar, or filter by all overdue tasks in a timeframe (today, yesterday, this week or this month).

There’s also a dedicated Event template built in with dedicated sections for discussion points, action items and a place to store resources, which is ideal for planning meetings, taking notes in them and storing any files that are shared by other attendees in a time capsule that can be referred to in the future.

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Grocery List

There is such a thing as shopping efficiently. It’s faster if you buy all your vegetables at the same time as they’re in the same part of the store and studies have found following a list cuts down on overall spending too, so reducing the amount of time spent at the location running back and forth can only reduce temptation.

We created this Notion Grocery List Template to be as structured as one can be, sorted into various categories — from Bakery and Fruit & Vegetables to Meat & Fish and Pharmacy & Wellness — so you can check off all of the items located in one section of the store before moving on to the next.

You can also assign a store to each product, which will populate a dedicated list for each store. Plus, because Notion is a collaborative suite, housemates can share the list, viewing it and adding or striking off items at home and on the move. Only one person needs to purchase the template to they can invite people to collaborate.

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Contractor Invoice & Database

We took it a step further when creating this Notion Invoice Template and instead developed what we’re calling an Invoicing Database. It can be used to not only create new invoices with the click of a button, but to also catalog them in a central location, filterable by client, invoice status and even creation date, month or year.

You don’t need to download the invoices to send them. You can use Notion’s built-in sharing feature to create a link that can be sent with the client. They will then be able to view the invoice in their browser and print it without losing the formatting. You can even take steps to password protect a Page in Notion, including an invoice.

The invoice itself is simple, but effective.

While this ins’t a free Notion Invoice Template, it is a fantastic solution for small contractors looking for a cheap way to create and track invoices with complete control of their data. Best of all, because Notion syncs across devices, you can create, send or update the status of new invoice at home, in the office or on the move.

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Clean Dashboard Template

Designed to serve as a command station, our Notion Clean Dashboard Template is a safe haven to store links to your most frequented Pages. It has a functional Sticky Notes feature that can be used to scribble fast notes, like a cell number or an access code that needs to be referred to later — accessible on desktop and mobile.

We’ve included some of our most popular Notion templates for free, including our Daily Schedule Template and our All-Purpose Notebook Template to arm the dashboard with some extra smarts. Thanks to these integrations, it’ll automatically serve up your schedule and to-do list each day, listed alongside your recent notes.

Never forget a meeting or miss a task again.

Set it as your Start Page in Notion and you’ll be able to see what’s next on your agenda as soon as you open the Notion App, as well as any brain nudes you left in the Sticky Notes. It’s also ideal for jumping into a note you were working on without having to navigate to another Page to find it — everything is there in one place.

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Simple Dashboard

There isn’t a whole lot to this Notion Simple Dashboard Template. There’s space for links to Pages and a section to keep track of outstanding chores, to-do list items and other things you need to remember, as well as a Notion Weather Widget that can be customized through Indify (for free) to show a forecast for your location.

It isn’t quite as advanced as the Clean Dashboard Template above, but it’s a must-have for anyone looking for a simple solution to add some structure to their Notion Workspace. If you’re looking for something that’ll work for you, serving up your schedule and recent notes, consider upgrading to the Clean Dashboard instead.

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Simple Resume

We created this simple, information-rich Notion Resume Template to draw the hiring manager in the second they look at it. That’s why there’s a top for a short list of your three most polished professional skills at the top and space for an accomplishment.

You then have space to list all of your current and previous positions with space for a callout for each and sections to highlight your Education and Professional Certifications, with space to add any additional information like number of languages spoken.

Adding even more value, we also created our Notion Resume Template to double as a virtual digital landing page of sorts, which can be modified for each position you’re applying for. You can record a short video to embed at the top to make it more personal.

Simple Blog Website Layout

One of the best Notion personal website templates out there, you can use this template to create a blog in seconds. There’s a homepage, curated using a combination of images, text and links, and Pages which serve as sections of the website with space to feature an article or even create a full river of content in each section. 

There are breadcrumbs that appear across each section and the articles included within them to make it easier to return to the section itself or even jump back to the homepage. If you sign up for a Notion Personal Pro subscription, you can set Pages to be indexed by (read: discoverable on) Google. 

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Sticky Notes

Sometimes we need to scribble down a short, sweet note to serve as a reminder — and Post-its are one of the best ways to do that. Now, you can create your own Sticky Notes with the click of a button in your Notion Workspace. You can even favorite the Page for fast access or move it to the top of your sidebar to make it your Start Page.

Each new note added will have the date it was created recorded. The note will be shown until you archive it by dragging it into the Archive (look for the trashcan icon) on the right. Old notes are accessible from in the Archive, arranged in chronological order from the date they were archived, so the last archived card will be at the top.

We’ve been using this versatile tool to store short, temporary snippets of information that don’t have a place in another Page in our Workspace, sort of like a kitchens ink, and to serve as a holding area for information before we flesh them out and move them to a section better suited to them, archiving the note when we’re done with it.

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Event Countdown

You’re counting down to a big event. Maybe it’s your birthday, or an anniversary, or someone else’s birthday or anniversary, or, better yet, a vacation. Whatever the occasion, this fun little Notion Event Countdown Template will tell you exactly how many days you have to wait until it happens from the comfort of your Notion Workspace.

Just add a new event, the date it occurs and a cover image and the template will then how the number of days between now and when it happens, counting down each day. By default, upcoming events are shown. You can switch to the Past Events view to look back and see how long it has been since a past event happened.

Best of all, we created this template to be flexible. It’s built on top of a database, so you can open each event card and use it to house pertinent information, like how much has been paid to date and the remaining balance who, boarding passes and reservations and a travel schedule with departure and check-in times.

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