Notion Resume Template — A Sleek, Printable Solution

There are a lot of different Notion resume templates out there, but most of them have one thing in common: They lose their formatting when exported or printed. That’s obviously problematic as you can’t expect a hiring manager to open your resume exclusively in a web browser. So we set out to create our own Notion resume template, one that looks just as good outside your Notion Workspace as it does inside.

How To Use This Notion Resume Template

What we came up with is a simple, information-rich Notion resume template that is designed to put the information the hiring manager is looking for in front of them the instant it catches their eye. This includes space for a list of your three most polished professional skills and a professional callout (something you’ve achieved you’re proud of and want to brag about — perhaps scaling revenue X% in X months at X) up top.

You then have space to list all of your current and previous positions with space for a callout for each and sections to highlight your Education and Professional Certifications. You can of course add more sections to house additional information, like a bit for Languages. But remember: A resume is intended to be short and sweet, full of crucial information. Don’t include too much fluff.

Adding even more value, we also created our Notion resume template to double as a virtual digital landing page of sorts, which can be modified for each position you’re applying for. You can record a short video to embed at the top, introducing yourself and mentioning the company by name. This will make your application stand out a whole lot more. Then invite hiring managers to have a look around.

The main benefit here is that you can form relationships to other content in your Notion Workspace, so with a little bit of tweaking you can link from your resume to a workflow showing how efficient you are, or a portfolio hosted on Notion, where you can control the flow of information to create a narrative and leave a lasting impression.

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