Notion Invoice Template — Request Payment in Seconds

Use this Notion Invoice Template to create and send an invoice to a client in seconds, and keep track of all invoices created, sortable by client, invoice status (unsettled or settled) and creation date out of the box. It’s a fantastic solution for small contractors looking for a cheap invoicing solution with no volume restrictions or hidden costs.

One of our favorite things about this Notion Invoice Template is that it doesn’t require you to download an invoice to send it. Instead, you can use Notion’s built-in sharing feature to create a shareable link that can be sent to the client. The recipient will be able to view the invoice in their browser and print it without breaking the formatting.

We’ve also included buttons that can be customized on each invoice that’ll let the recipient settle the balance by credit card or PayPal immediately. You just need to set up a payment link using a payment processor like Stripe or Square, then add it to the button. The client will then be able to click this to pay faster than a standard wire.

Like all Notion templates, the intention with this Notion Invoice Template is to start using it as it is, tweaking it over time to better suit your workflow. You could, for example, create a relationship between an invoice and another Page in your Notion Workspace (or vice versa) to form an association between the bill and the work itself.

Since Notion syncs across devices, you can create, send or update the status of an invoice at home or on the move. One of our readers used this in field to create an invoice for a service rendered. It was a cash transaction, so the reader is using the template purely to create professional invoices in a flash while out and about.

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Alternatives to this Notion Invoice Template

Notion wasn’t designed to be an invoicing tool, so it has its drawbacks. There are purpose-built tools out there like Wave Invoicing that’ll let you send invoices to customers and set up automated overdue reminders for free. Wave also offers customers the option to settle the invoice with a credit card, doubling as a processor.

Other features available through Wave include automatic credit card payments for repeat customers, which can be enabled and disabled with the click of a button, and built-in accounting software that’ll keep tabs of your income and expenses, producing useful reports that can be used for tax filings — similar to rival QuickBooks

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