How to Create Recurring Tasks in Todoist

You can create Recurring Tasks in Todoist to automate reminders for things you need to do regularly — watering the plants every Monday, for example. You don’t need to subscribe to Todoist Pro to use Recurring Tasks, either: They’re open to everyone.

How to Create a Recurring Task in Todoist

The easiest way to create a Recurring Task in Todoist is to actually type the deadline while creating the task, like we did above. This could be something like every Wednesday, every other Wednesday, or even on the first Wednesday of the month.

Todoist will automatically create the Recurring Task. You can edit it by altering the frequency in the event name. You can do it manually in the calendar view by clicking the deadline, but it’s much easier to edit the text and have Todoist make the change.

Should You Use Todoist Recurring Tasks?

Todoist offers something the Notion app doesn’t with Recurring Tasks, and we’re obsessed with them. Personally, I use Todoist Recurring Tasks to remind me to do everything from water the house plants to taking the bins out.

If there’s a task you keep forgetting to do, take the manual work out of setting the reminder by taking advantage of Todoist Recurring Tasks. By doing so, you only need to remember to actually do the task and mark it as done.

Todoist will take care of the rest, automatically scheduling the task for the next time you need to take care of it. You can even take advantage of tools like Fantastical to pull the Recurring Tasks from Todoist into your calendar.

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