How to Get Spotify Premium for Free

You can get three months of Spotify Premium for free, thanks to an offer the good folks over at Honey — the popular browser extension that automatically scans the internet looking for coupon codes, adding them when you checkout — is running right now. 

Can You Get Spotify Premium for Free?

The music streaming service usually offers new customers a one-month free trial of Spotify Premium, but those who sign up through Honey get an extra two months thrown in for free. The process couldn’t be easier, either: Just install the Honey browser extension on desktop, then follow the steps to create a free account. You’ll then be handed a code that can be redeemed at checkout. 

You won’t be able to take advantage of this offer, however, if you’ve previously signed up for a Spotify Premium free trial. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from signing up for a new account to bag three months free, then swapping back to your original account or sticking to the new one and picking up the monthly payments if you decide you want to keep using Spotify Premium. 

Another thing worth noting is that this promotional offer is considered an extension of the Spotify Premium free trial, so you will start being billed at the end of the three months if you don’t cancel before the renewal date. Spotify will tell you the date your first payment will be due while redeeming the coupon, so be sure to make a note of that or you’ll see $10 leave your account at the end of the three months.

How to Get Spotify Premium for Free

How to Get Spotify Premium for Free



  1. Head over to Honey and install the browser extension, using this promotional link.
  2. Create a free Honey account, signing up with an email address, Google, Facebook, PayPal or Apple.
  3. Copy the code that's shown on the screen and head over to Redeem section on the Spotify website.
  4. Enter the premium code you copied from the Honey website (it's also emailed to you) and click Continue.

There’s no commitment to use Honey or to even keep it installed; you can delete your account and uninstall it immediately after redeeming the free Spotify Premium code, and you’ll be able to keep listening. But it’s worth checking out, as the service — which boasts more than 17 million active users — earns its customers a 17.9% discount on average across 30,000 participating merchants, or around $126 in savings per year.

The way it works is simple: You keep Honey installed on your browser and it’ll automatically apply the best coupon code whenever you go to pay at one of the supported retailers, including Amazon and Walmart, Sephora, JCPenny, Ulta Beauty, J.Crew and Forever 21, without to pay Honey a dime in subscription fees. It all happens in the background; Honey will simply let you know if there’s a discount available. 

So how does Honey make its money? If it’s able to find you a discount, it’ll be credited with the purchase by the retailer, which will entitle it to a commission. This does not increase the cost for you, the consumer at all, and does not come out of your purchase. The price you’ll be will be the exact same as if you didn’t have Honey installed, minus the discount it finds you of course. 

Other Ways to Get Spotify Premium for Free

There are other ways to get Spotify Premium for free. Some mobile carriers like AT&T in the US and Vodafone in the UK offer free access as a bonus for taking out a service with them, often for the length of the contract. It’s not uncommon for internet and cable providers to offer similar benefits too. Spotify has teamed up with social networks like TikTok as well to offer as much as four months of free Spotify Premium.

But this offer in particular is the easiest to access, and there aren’t a whole lot of hoops to jump through: You can have the code to redeem three months of free Spotify Premium in under two minutes — no hunting around for invites or waiting for emails to come through. Of course, we’re always updating this page with the latest offers, so there’s nothing to say there won’t be a longer one in the near future.

The same offer is also available for those who sign up for Spotify through PayPal. Meanwhile, Walmart is offering six months Spotify Premium for free to Walmart Plus — the retailer’s Amazon Prime rival service, which offers free shipping, discounted fuel and exclusive discounts for $13 a month or $98 for a year — subscribers.But again, both of these offers are only valid for new Spotify customers.

Don’t Fall for these Free Spotify Premium Tricks

Stay as far away as you can from anything that requires you to download modified versions of the Spotify application on your device to get a free Spotify Premium account. There’s no such thing as a free Spotify Premium account generator either, so don’t be tricked into installing one of these or handing over personal information to activate one. 

You’ll be left with a virus on your machine, which often take form as ransomware, or worse. It’s the Wild West. If there were a working free Spotify Premium account generator, it would be illegal to use. This would be a form of theft, as you’re essentially stealing the Premium subscription, so it’s no surprise that the people claiming to offer such a service are also on the other side of the law.

Spotify Premium FAQs

Is Spotify Premium Free? 

Spotify Premium is not free, regardless of the device you’re using. The service, which offers ad-free listening, unlimited skips and access to more than 82 million tracks, and the option to download music for offline listening, costs $10 a month. However, there is a limited-time offer happening right now for new customers to get Spotify Premium for free for three months — no strings attached. 

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