Can You Add an Oyster Card to Apple Wallet?

You can’t add an Oyster Card to Apple Wallet. However, you can use Apple Pay on all Transport for London (TfL) services, including the London Underground and National Rail. This is billed at the same fare structure as an Oyster Card, so it doesn’t cost more to use a credit or debit card through Apple Pay. 

The catch here is of course ZIP Oyster and the 60+ Oyster, and other discounted travel cards, which need to be used to access the reduced rate. You can’t add these to Apple Wallet, and should continue using it them receive these concessions as discount entitlements are not transferable to other cards.

Considering contactless debit and credit has now dethroned Oyster Card as the most-used ticketing format across the TfL network, it’s unlikely we’ll see support for the once-iconic blue travelcard added for Apple Wallet. If anything, TfL is trying to scale down Oyster Card, and keeping it physical is one way to do just that. 

Don’t have a contactless debit card to use with Apple Pay? You can sign up for a free Revolut bank account right now, and you’ll be issued with a virtual debit card that can be added to Apple Wallet and used on TfL within minutes, while also benefiting from dozens of useful features, like cashback and exclusive discounts.

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