Is Kindle Unlimited Included with Amazon Prime?

Amazon Kindle Unlimited is not included in an Amazon Prime membership. Best thought of as Netflix for books, the service costs an additional $10 per month. Alas, sending someone a Kindle Unlimited Gift Subscription also not afford them with access to Amazon Prime and all of the benefits that come with it either.

Interestingly, Amazon does offer some books to Amazon Prime subscribers through its Prime Reading initiative. This service is offered for free to all Prime customers, providing users with a much smaller selection of books — around 1,000 titles, which rotate each month, versus the 1,000,000 available through Kindle Unlimited.

Prime Reading users also aren’t able to access the thousands of Books with Narration available on Kindle Unlimited. These are free audiobooks that do not require an Audible membership and can be listened to through Kindle Unlimited on supported devices, including phones, tablets and even an Amazon Echo, at no added cost.

Do You Need Amazon Prime to Use Kindle Unlimited?

You don’t need an Amazon Prime membership to subscribe to Kindle Unlimited. The services are operated independently. It’s for this reason that when you cancel one, the other is not effective; when you sign up for one, you aren’t automatically signed up for the other. You may also have different billing dates if you sign up for both.

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