How to Add an NHS Covid Pass to Apple Wallet

Most venues and travel operators require a COVID Pass to be shown to enter and use their services. You don’t need to carry around scraps of paper with a QR Code though. In the UK, the National Health Service (NHS) is offering virtual COVID Passes, which can be stored in mobile wallets like Apple Wallet, for fast access at the barriers.

You’ll have one COVID Pass for each vaccination, and these can all be stored (and cycled through) in Apple Wallet. You’ll first install the official NHS App — which is available from the Apple App Store —  follow the on-screen instructions to authenticate yourself before you’re able to add an COVID Pass to Apple Wallet. 

This article focuses on what to do to store your NHS COVID Pass in Apple Wallet after you’ve passed the various security checks the NHS enforces. This should be quick and easy for most people who have use the NHS website before, but may take a little bit of time if you’re new to the digital age of healthcare, so don’t wait until the last minute. 

Once you’ve installed the NHS App and signed in, you’ll want to ensure you’re at the homescreen by selecting Home from the top-left corner. Next, select NHS Covid Pass from the list of options toward the bottom of the screen. An information screen will then appear; read the information, then select Continue.

Now we’re on to the exciting bit. the NHS has discontinued to the domestic COVID Pass, so your only option is to create a Travel one. If a venue in the UK requests a COVID Pass, this is what they’ll be expecting to see. The same applies to airlines and international venues. So select Travel from the next screen, then scroll down.

Be on the lookout for an ‘Add to Apple Wallet’ dropdown while scrolling. Found it? Tap it. You’ll then see all information about each of your doses with an ‘Add to Apple Wallet’ button next to each. Click on each one, clicking ‘Add’ in the top-right as the Apple Wallet version of each COVID Pass loads, repeating for each one. 

And that’s all there is to it. You’ve followed the steps to add a COVID Pass to Apple Wallet, and they’ll be there the next time you open Wallet. Just tap on the COVID Pass at the forefront and then you’ll be able to scroll right to cycle through each of them, if the attendant wants to scan all three doses – though most will want the most recent. 

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