The Easiest Way To Start A Five-Minute Journal

Starting a Five-Minute Journal doesn’t require a month’s worth of research.

Begin by building a template. It’s best to start on a fun note. We recommend jotting down last night’s dream. From here, focus on what you’re hoping to achieve with your Five-Minute Journal. Want to live a more fulfilled life? Write down three things you’re grateful for every day. Now, think about ending on a high. If you‘re setting time to fill in the log at the start of the day, consider noting the main task you’re hoping to complete that day; those completing the exercise at the end of the day may want to scribble down something they achieved or learned.

Here’s a template we recommend starting with:



I Am Grateful For…


Most Important Thing To Do Today…


Building The Habit

Done? Now it’s time to start building a habit. Stick to this same format day in, day out. Create a template on whatever platform you’re using to keep your Five-Minute Journal — be it software like Day One or an actual notebook. (If you’re a fan of keeping everything on paper, we recommend picking up the Lechtturm1917 A5 Notebook. It’s small and nimble enough to fit into just about every jacket pocket, and opens completely flat so you can fill up every last bit of the page should you choose to without having to keep adjusting your stance. Take it from us: It’s the Five-Minute Journaler’s dream.)

You’ll also want to make sure you’re filling in your Five-Minute Journal at the same time each day. We recommend doing it first thing in the morning. Set reminders if you need to. Stick Post-its all over the walls. Do whatever it takes. The more you commit to completing the exercise at the same time every day, the more it’ll start to feel like second nature. You don’t think about cleaning your teeth before you go to bed, do you? You just do it. The same will happen with completing an entry in your Five-Minute Journal if you really set the time aside to build the habit. It isn’t easy, but the benefits are worth the hard work.

Benefits of Five-Minute Journals

The benefits we speak of? Simple:

Five-Minute Journals…

  • Build transferrable self-discipline.
  • Help you understand your feelings.
  • Make you a better, more constructive thinker.
  • Teach you to be grateful for the small things.
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