Why Does Notion Say Cannot Save Changes?

Hundreds of Notion users have reported seeing an error message appear at the top of their screen reading ‘Cannot Save Changes’. While the cause of the issue is unclear, there are a couple of things you can do to fix it. Here, we run through them.

Assuming you’re using Notion for Web, the first thing you’re going to want to do is clear your browser’s cache, close it, then restart your computer. This should force your machine’s RAM to clear, giving the browser a clean slate and a fresh start.

If that didn’t work, try using a different browser to load Notion for Web — preferably a new one. We recommend Firefox. If that works, it’s likely an isolated fault in your primary browser that’s to blame for the issue. Remove all add-ons, then reinstall it.

Didn’t fix the error? There’s one last thing you can try: Install the Notion application for your computer, be it Notion for Mac orWindows, then restart your machine before opening it for the first time. This will create a clean environment for it to run.

Failing all of this, fire an email to team@makenotion.com. The team will be only too happy to help. It’s worth running through all of the aforementioned steps before doing so as they’ll likely ask you to do the same thing.

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