How to Filter Asana by Project

You can filter Asana by Project, with relative ease, but it takes a little bit of mastering if you’ve never used the tool’s Advanced Search feature before. You can then turn the report into a Portfolio, so you can check back for updates without having to start over.

You aren’t restricted to fetching the tasks in one Project, either: The filter can span as many Projects as you want, and can even filtered in additional ways — to only show tasks that are incomplete, or with a specific Custom Field, for example.

Filtering by Project is a useful way to view tasks from two or more related Projects in one place, drill down into one Project with additional filters, or create a custom view of a board that can be saved without changing the default view for all users.

How to Filter Asana by Project

How to Filter Asana by Project


  1. Navigate to (and click) the Search Bar in Asana.
  2. Click on Advanced Search from the menu.
  3. Enter the Project(s) you want to filter by in the 'Projects' section of the form.
  4. Add other filtering options, if needed. You can add Custom Fields by selecting them after clicking Add Filter it the bottom-left, or add other requirements like specific Tags or whether it's a Subtask.
  5. Click on the Search button in the bottom-right and wait a few seconds for the report to generate. Once done, you can save a version to your Portfolios by clicking Save Search.
You can also create a shareable link for the report that other members of your Workspace can use to access the data. They will, however, only be able to see Tasks from Projects that they’re a member of.

You can create a shareable link for the report by clicking the drop-down icon next to Search Results (at the top of the screen) when you reach Step 5 above, and selecting Copy Search Results Link.

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