How to Change the Font in Notion

Want to add some extra customization to your Notion Workspace? You’ll be pleased to hear you can change the font in Notion. There are a couple of caveats: 1) You have the choice of three fonts; and 2) You’ll need to set the font for each Page you create — it isn’t applied to the entire Notion Workspace. You can’t change the default font in Notion.

What Fonts Can You Choose From?

As we said before, there are three fonts to choose from in Notion: Default (sans-serif), Serif and Mono. Serif is ideal for publishing, according to the designers at Notion, while Mono is best for drafting and note-taking. Default is something of a midfielder for those after a vanilla experience, and out of the three it’s the one we prefer to use.

How to Change the Font in Notion

  • Open a Page, then click the three horizontal dots in the upper-right corner.
  • Choose one of the three fonts from the Style menu at the very top of the menu.

Do Fonts Sync Across All Devices?

Seeing as Notion syncs across devices, when you change a font on a Page, that change will be visible on all versions of the Notion app. It will also show up for other people in your Workspace and people you’ve shared the Page with — so if we changed the font for one of the Notion templates in our collection, you’d see that change too.

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