How to Get Free Credit in Notion

Notion will reward you with free credit to put toward a Personal Pro subscription when you take certain steps to establish a workflow. Take advantage of all of the bounties on offer and you’ll amass $26 in credit — enough for five months of Personal Pro. This can also be used as a discount on an annual membership, bringing the price down to $22.

How to Get Free Credit in Notion

Not sure what you’ve already unlocked? Just select Settings & Members in the sidebar, followed by Earn Credit, then browse through the list of bounties there. If you’ve already completed some, and there’s a good chance you have, there will be a blue tick next to them in the list. You can also see your balance in this window and redeem it.

Can You Get More Free Credit?

While this is the official free credit on offer, some Notion users claim to have received more by reaching out to Notion with feedback or simply dropping them a kind note. In fact, one Reddit user reportedly received a free six-month subscription after enquiring about Notion pricing, so they could take the service for a proper spin.

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